Dear BioExcel Binder users!

The BioExcel Binder project has reached its End of Life. The page you have just visited is just a static website without any backend, which means that links might not work and you will not be able to run any workflows or notebooks.

The BioExcel Binder has been retired, but as of February 2024 the BioExcel project itself is ongoing and has entered its third iteration. For more information about the EC funded BioExcel project, please visit its official website.

If you would like to contact the BioExcel Binder authors, please leave us feedback via the EBI contact form mentioning the BioExcel Binder in the Subject.

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How it works

Have you come here from the biobb workflows page?
If not, better start there and launch your notebook, by clicking “Execute in Binder for biobb”. If this is, what you have just done, keep on reading.
We ask you to log in with your Github account.
We will use your username information exclusively to distinguish unique users from one another. Binder for biobb is a small installation and to promote fair use of our resources, one user is allowed to run only one notebook server at a time. Launching a new notebook server should stop the previous one. Users cannot see the notebooks run by other users, but please avoid entering secret data to the notebooks.
Interact with biobb notebooks in a live environment!
Remember that a notebook session is short-lived and the results are not permanent. Experiment freely, but expect that your session might be ended after some time and results lost.

read the documentation, read about the workflows, see the BinderHub code, ask for help with Binder for biobb